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Flippin' Great Morning at Letchworth's Pancake Race

What a flippin’ great morning the town had for the Letchworth Pancake Race.
This was the second year that Love Letchworth have organised a town centre pancake race and it did not disappoint. Crowds of people turned up in their running shoes to race, while lots of passers-by cheered them on. There was even a children’s race which was just so fantastic to see! Runners from last years race came back to claim their titles and take the crown!
Thank you to everyone who came down to watch and take part. A fabulous community event with so many laughs! 

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Photos thanks to @bezza_visuals

‘We are so pleased with the turnout for Letchworth’s Pancake Race. Thank you to everyone who came to watch and take part, you made the race such a fun community event! Huge thank you to the businesses and mascots that put on their running shoes and took to the track. We can’t wait for next years race already!’

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